Wowwee Chip Review – Robot Dog

Wowwee chip reviewThis Wowwee Chip Review has been a long time coming. From the early days in 2004 and the introduction of the Robosapien™ robot. This robot set the pace in the way we interact with our robotic pets. Through the following twelve years, WowWee’s has made the development consumer technologies a priority. This has led to an abundance of clever toys, and breakthrough gadgets……like Chip! Which has meant great entertainment for Adults, and Children in many countries, scattered around the planet.

FUN FACT: CHiP is an acronym for Canine Home Intelligent Pet

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Wowwee Chip Video

Watch as this clever canine interacts and plays with his owner. Chip has the ability to learn how to behave based on the owner’s actions, reactions, and input. This is known as artificial intelligence.


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Chip Features – Artificial Intelligence

Chip Smart Pup - Bond With ChipMuch technology resides inside Chip. That is where the bulk of the features, have their emphasis. The little guy has an adaptive personality, all due to the new algorithms designed and created for the artificial intelligence. Chip will notice and adapt to you, your preferences. your commands, and likes. You are basically designing his personality and character through your own. You can communicate with this special canine through the Smartband and Chip-app, or using your hand gestures. He will react with cute woofs, funny poses and movements based on his unique personality…….that you’re designing.

Smartband – Chip Will Know It’s You

Chip Smartband - Recognizes YouThe Smartband enables this special companion to behave with you like he’s a real dog…greeting you at the door, he’ll follow you around (just because…), and he’ll even playfully bother you when it’s playtime or time to eat! The Smartband Technology is one more step in the evolution of artificial intelligence, and Chip has it!

Smartball – Play With Chip

hip Smartball - Play Fetch With ChipUsing the Smartball, play fetch with your new buddy, like he’s a real doggy! You’re slowly training him to become like one! Just roll the ball out, and he will go and get it. Chip has mecanum wheels, which allow him to travel, and chase after things…like the Smartball. His built-in sensors enable him to locate (hunt-down) the ball, and bring it back to you. This is one playful pup! Keep on reading. There’s much more below, in our review of this  Wowwee breakthrough.

Smartbed – Chip Will Find The Charger

Chip Smartbed - Chip Recharges HimselfThe Smartbed really is smart, and so is your new buddy! The smartbed is Chip’s charger. So, this pup will roam around the home and do what doggy’s do, but eventually he will get low on energy. Just like a real dog, Chip will find his way back to his bed, but Chip’s bed is his charger. Wowwee’s new canine will do this on his own. He will actually find his way back to the charger all by himself!

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 Technology Inside The Canine

When we started to do our research for this clever pooch, we knew it would be a pretty big task. Mainly because of the amount of technology in the Wowwee robot dog. So, once we started, it was like opening a Matryoshka Doll. Each time we open up one doll, there’s another one inside, then another, and so on, and so on… So much technology and things to appreciate about this technological robotic marvel.

So, without further ado, please read further in our review of this special puppy, and understand why this robot dog has been one of the number one toys during Christmas!


BeaconsenseBeaconSense means that WowWee interactive toys and gadgets have situational awareness. This means that your new robot dog can detect what’s around him and is aware of himself in relation to these surroundings.


GesturesenseGestureSense enables WowWee’s robotic pup to have responses to interactions like  claps, touches and swipes, that are gesture-oriented and other gesture movements.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Enabled Wowwee Chip The Robotic DogBluetooth Low Energy (BLE) allows your new pooch, to connect to and communicate with your “smart” products, that are also Bluetooth enabled.

Infrared Vision

Infrared VisionAdvanced Infrared Vision “IR vision” processing means that this puppy is able to “see” and interact with his surroundings, in such a way that he keeps out of trouble!

App Enabled

App EnabledDownload the free app and enjoy enhanced usage or better gameplay with your new robotic pet.

Mecanum Wheels

Mecanum WheelsUniquely designed wheels enable quick, omni-directional motion across various floor surfaces. Makes for a very nimble Robotic Doggy.

Touch Sensors

Touch SensorsCapacitive sensor technology enables your pet to “feel” your touch. Incredible!


Gyroscope-Accelerometer Wowwee ChipYour toy Robot knows that it’s being picked up. Can you believe it?? This is all due to the technology of Gyroscopes and Accelerometers, which measure orientation, and G-Force.

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition - Wowwee's Chip can respond to youThrough the technology of Speech Recognition, your new pet doggy, can respond to his name, and a host of other commands. He really is going to be your best pal!

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Getting Started With Chip

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What comes in the box?

  • Your new Robotic Pooch
  • SmartBand: Means that he will recognize you as his master
  • SmartBall: Have fun playing fetch
  • SmartBed: When CHiP’s batteries run low, he will find his way back to the Smartbed charger.


  • The SmartBand means you are his master. This is the main thing. Additionally, the Smartband can be used to:-Show CHiP he did a good thing hitting the “Like” button on the band. This way he learns what your likes are, and dislikes are, and adjusts accordingly.
  • You can tell your new pet to come
  • If you want him to come to your side, just tap the location pin on the Smartband.
  • Attack – One of you big brother’s friends being a pain in the butt? Sic your canine on him!
  • Choose your new doggy’s movements for him
  • The SmartBand acts as a joystick to control your pet remotely.

What Does The Smartball do?

  • This pup has the ability to know where his Smartball is in real time. This enables him to play games with you. This puppy likes to play fetch and soccer. Guess he’s European!


  • Whenever the batteries get low, CHiP will make its way back to the Smartbed and recharge himself. Of course this is all contingent of your pup being within range of the charger/Smartbed.

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Wowwee has tried to think of everything, where this robot dog is concerned. Perhaps as time goes on, Wowwee or perhaps another robot toy company, will make a pooch who looks more like a real dog. That would be my only criticism with this robotic toy. It looks like a robot, and not so much like a dog. Although it has 4 limbs and a head, etc. It has mecanum wheels instead of paws and sensors instead of eyes and ears…but you know all this when you buy the little robot. There’s nothing else on the market that comes close, and especially at this price point. Simply nothing. Check out the price here, and see what you think, read some reviews, and see what others think about it. Click the following link, for a Hands on Wowwee Chip Review.