Benefits of a Robotic Pet

Here are all the benefits of a robotic pet…zero maintenance as far as their health, and hygiene. You don’t have to make or get them meals, and you don’t have to clean up after they’ve been hanging out in the living room.

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No meal planning and no constantly getting fresh water, and washing out the dog’s bowls. Depending on the model, you may need to change batteries, or not. Some are rechargeable, and some aren’t, but in either case you don’t have to fiddle around with bags of kibble. Also, you won’t have to deal with begging at the dinner table, and staring you down hoping for scraps or crumbs. No stained carpets, couches, or upholstery. So easy and simple!

Since there is no real food involved with the robotic pet, there are no stomach maladies, indigestion or otherwise to have to deal with. Thank goodness, as this can be one of the most frustrating and annoying scenarios for a pet owner to have to handle. Further, there are no pet odors from crapping or peeing in the house. Therefore there is no need to be constantly steam-cleaning rugs, mopping floors, and deodorizing floors constantly. Let’s not forget hairs and hair balls, and all the bloody allergies that are associated! On that note, no pet cleaning, grooming or bathing.

Let’s not forget the “CAGE-MATCH”, when it’s bathing time! The bathroom transforms into a cube of wrestling with a four-legged creature, who wants nothing to do with soap and water! With a robotic pet, the cage-match days are over!

Okay….ever tried to clean a canine’s teeth? Hell on Earth! Be fearful for your fingers’ safety! Not the case with a robot pet. The only thing you need to do with the electronic pet, is dust him off, and occasionally use a can of compressed air.

  • Robotic Pets Aren’t “Bad” and Won’t Piss You Off

Real pets are like children, but a lot of people aren’t really ready for that level of responsibility. Especially, kids who are screaming for a real dog! You end up with a kid, dealing with a kid! Not a good formula! Not to mention that real pets can bite you, or your children, damage your belongings (chew on shoes, and handbags….oh God!). Let’s not forget barking at sounds, strangers, the mailman, etc. Now, the robotic dog will not do this, and you can control the sounds he makes.

  • Robotic Pets Cost Less in the Long Run

The cost of a robotic dog or otherwise will be dependent on it’s features, and the level of technology embedded in the robo-pet…..and so, it only makes sense that the same is true for their “Live” counterparts. Breed, and purity of breed, lineage, and market-demand. Now, comparing robot to Live pet, will be a serious eye-opener.

The little robot guy, will cost you a couple cents a year for charging, or a few dollars for batteries, plus the initial purchase. A real doggy will have ongoing costs, year after year. Real food, cleaning products, grooming, toys for the little guy, and a host of other items we don’t always think about. Don’t forget about the issues as a renter. Many landlords will not accept a pet. While, others will, as long as you pay extra on your rent!

  • Robotic Pets Don’t Incur Health Bills

Here’s another one of the Huge benefits of a robotic pet: with a robotic pet, there is no worry of the pet becoming sick or needing medical attention. That means no routine trips to the vet for shots and no expenses from medical operations, such as being spayed or neutered. More importantly, the inability for the pet to grow old or get sick means it won’t die. This will prevent the emotional heartbreak and loss that often accompanies pet owners during such times.

  • Robotic Pets Are Convenient

There’s proof that shows that these robotic dogs and cats, can provide great benefits as far as maintaining a healthy state of emotional well-being, and avoiding loneliness. Especially, among the elder generation. Besides that stuff, the robot pet owner is in control 100%, unlike the Live pet owner, who is at the whim of his live and unpredictable companion/liability. Further, the robotic buddy can be shut down for the night, unlike Fido, the live pooch, who needs some kind of support or attention 24/7. Don’t forget about vacations. Your real doggy still needs care and attention while you’re out of the country, on vacation. So, you may need to board him/her or find a pet-sitter etc. With your Robotic Pet, you can just shut him down for a few weeks (or longer), and enjoy your trip, without any worry whatsoever!

  • Robotic Pets Possess Abilities that Live Pets Don’t Have

    Our highly programmed companions, come loaded with behavioral attributes. Meanwhile, the Live versions do not!


The advantages of a robotic pet are enjoyed by many. However, they do not fulfill the “Live Quality” of a flesh and blood, warm pet. So, one has to weigh out what they really want….what really matters to them. For instance, some of the real benefits of a robotic toy are exactly that which make a “live pet” not so desirable. This may be a great attraction to someone trying to decide which way to go. Obviously, it’s all about what suits your lifestyle. Heck….maybe you want both! Who says you can’t have both, a live pet, and a robotic pet. The live pet may end up really liking the robotic pet….Food for thought!











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