Chip Robot Dog Amazon

Chip Robot Dog AmazonChip Robot Dog Amazon

If you’re after the Chip robot dog, Amazon is your best bet for getting one. This Wowwee robot toy is head and shoulders above everything else available at this price point. A feat of technology and engineering. Actually, some of the technology in Chip is unbelievable. The neat thing is that all the technology and progress that’s been made, and that is available today, is not just being used to create weapons and surveillance equipment. I commend Wowwee for this. I’m sure they put a lot of smiles on kid’s faces every Christmas morning! Heck, when I was a kid, I got an AM transistor radio (it was 1972). I felt like I had won the lottery. I can still remember the feeling! I’m sure this 2016 Christmas year willl see a lot of children feeling the exact same way that I did, back in 1972, because of the Chip Robot Dog. Amazon will be very busy fulfilling orders and shipping them out. Especially, as they ramp up towards December 25th!

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Wowwee Innovation

Quote……….  “We worked on CHIP for about five to six months,” Davin Sufer, CTO at WowWee told   “We typically come up with a concept, prototype, product and get it on shelves within a year.

Year over year, Wowwee has proven how serious they are with innovation in the tech field, as far as toys are concerned. A great example is the amount of CHiP the robot dog features. However, it wasn’t always that way. Wowwee did not start out as an innovative toy-manufacturer. The company was an OEM manufacturer, making products such as the Power Rangers, Power Gloves, etc. It was a few years after this, that Wowwee realized that making your own products is far more profitable. In this article  we won’t get into all the details of what happened to the company, even though it’s fascinating! Everything that has happened, has lead to this point…….Chip robot dog, Amazon super selling toy!

Why Chip, Why not a Real Dog…

There are numerous benefits to having the Chip Robot Dog. Amazon doesn’t carry real dogs in their stock, for one thing. All kidding aside, having a real dog vs Wowwee Chip dog, can truly be beneficial. There are all the obvious reasons, like no vet bills, no food bills, no poop and scooping, no fights with other dogs and cats, no messes in the house or ruined grass in your backyard or frontyard, no fights with your neighbors, because REX is pissing on their grass! Finally, there’s the biggest issue…one day ole REX is going to go to “The Big Dog Kennel In The Sky”, and guess what! You’re going to be gutted! When we lost our pooch (Rufus), it was like losing a child. No more, I said! Can’t take the pain of the loss. So, don’t put yourself through all that. Get a Chip Robot Dog. Amazon has them in stock for the moment. Remember though, as Christmas fast approaches, Chip will be selling out the doors, and I predict will be out of stock several times before the Christmas rush ends.

Put a smile on your child’s face this Christmas. Click Here to check out Chip on Amazon!





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