Chip The Robot Dog Features

chip-the-robot-dog-featuresChip The Robot Dog Features

Chip the robot dog features Are plentiful. One of the features that intrigues us the most was Chip’s ability to return to his smart bed when he needs to charge. This almost eliminates the need to monitor Chip’s battery charge levels. of course everything that has technology may not work 100% perfectly, all of the time. So periodically you may have to take the robot dog over to the smart bed, manually.  Having said that, he’ll send you a text via the SmartApp, letting you know that he could use a bit of help from you, to get to his Smartbed. It’s like he’s asking you to tuck him in for the night! This may happen pretty much only if you’re using the Wowwee robot dog quite far away from the smart bed, or if his battery charge levels get extremely low…too low for him to make it back on his own.

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Interactive Technology

Chips interactive technology is truly a marvel on its own. The interactive ability of Wowwee’s robot dog, is what separates Chip the robot dog from other toys. Ultimately whoever spends most time with Chip is shaping his personality, and therefore no two Chip robot dogs are alike. each one has its own unique personality. So in the early days of owning him, you must spend ample time with him, train him and interact with him in such a way that he will end up with the personality you’re aiming for.

Situational Awareness

Chip can be best described, as a robot toy that possesses a unique, and innovative blend of technologies,, which enables “situational awareness”. The specific bits of of technology That enable situational awareness are, BeaconSense™, a proprietary indoor GPS system, and Bluetooth connectivity. Yup, this guy’s got it all! With this blend of technology, Chip senses his surroundings and connects with the SMART devices that come with him (3 of them…the SmartBand, SmartBall, and the SmartBed-Charger). Bottom line is, he doesn’t smash into things, and can respond to you, when you send a command via the Smartband, or with hand gestures. The hand gesture recognition is thanks to GestureSense technology. He can obey commands such as come, sit, and stay. This is one of the most clever abilities that Chip the robot dog features.

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Mecanum Wheel Agility

Another neat thing about the robo doggy is his ability to move in any direction at high speed without any issues.  Real dogs have paws. Chip on the other hand has mecanum wheels, which give him the ability to race down a long room or hallway, spin around and change directions, and avoid hitting things even at high speed. The same way a small nimble dog would, like a Jack Russell Terrier.

Emotional Bond

Even though chip is a robotic toy, whoever becomes Chips master, will develop an emotional bond with him. Even moreso with chip, than many other toys, because of his ability to respond to your commands, as though he’s real. The artificial intelligence which enables chip to respond to what you like and what you don’t like make chip a very likeable or even lovable toy for any child or adult. Basically, you will have the closest thing to a real pet, without having to clean up dog poop, take him to the vet, buy food, etc. etc. What more could you ask for….

Chip The Robot Dog

Seriously, if you are definitely going to buy it, then do it sooner than later, or else you may not get one, and there will be some bad moods, potty mouth, and a lot of pouting!

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