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wowwee smartband featuresWowwee Smartband Features

The Wowwee smartband features are plentiful, and the smartband is really necessary to get the full experience of using the Wowwee CHiP robot dog. It is truly an ingenious setup. It creates the link between the user/master and CHiP. By the way, CHiP is an acronym for Canine Home Intelligent Pet. Quite clever, really. So, the smartband links the master to the robot dog, and through this interface, you can communicate with, and exercise some sort of control. Smartband technology enables CHiP to uniquely recognize you, follow you, greet you at the door, and even start to bug you when it’s mealtime or playtime. Also, with the Smartband on, CHiP knows who to follow around, etc.

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Setup The Smartband – First Steps

The Buttons:

  • The CHiP button in the center
  • The Doggy icon at the bottom
  • The location pin at the top
  • The Like button on the left
  • The exclamation point on the right

There are two ways to use each of the buttons on the Smartband. You can use a light tap, or you can hold down the button for three seconds.

Finally, using the CHiP app, you can check how much juice is left in your smartband battery. When you feel that the battery level is too low, grab the USB cable, and charge it up!

Continue reading below, for a comprehensive list of the Wowwee Smartband Features list…

The following, is a description of what each of the controls (mentioned above) does:

The CHiP Button

The Chip Button, you can liken to giving the “heel” command. Basically, when you use the CHiP button, you're saying to CHiP "Stop what you're doing and, look, then listen to me!" Hold down the CHiP button and you've turned your band into a remote control. You will know you're in remote control mode, because there will be a white light on the Smartband (as opposed to the usual blue light). The buttons operate in a joystick fashion. Right/Left + Backward/Forward. Another interesting trick, is this: If you press on one of the blank spaces, he'll spin! This remote control mode can be easily deactivated by holding down the Chip Button, once again, and when the light returns to blue, you're back in the regular mode. This is only one of part of the Wowwee smartband features, so keep reading...
The Location Pin - Follow Me CHiP Mode!!!

Press the location pin, and CHiP will immediately come over to you, as soon as his eyes turn a teal blue. As soon as he's close, press the CHiP button, and he'll stop on the spot.

Something to take note of, is this: Make sure CHiP can always see the light on the Smartband. If it seems like CHiP is ignoring you, then check to make sure he can see the Smartband light!

So, press on the location pin again, and hold it until CHiP's eyes turn teal again. This time he will follow you around. Remember, make sure he can see the light on the band.

Hit he CHiP button in the center of the band, and you can exit the "Follow Me" mode. Real simple!
The Like Button

Another of the Wowwee smartband features is the Like button. It is like teaches CHiP your favorite way for him to behave. Each sensor on CHiP has several possible outcomes/animations. Each time you tap the Like Button, you are conditioning him to what you like the best!

As an example, if you touch CHiP's nose, he may pant, growl, or give you a kiss. Choose which reaction you like best, by tapping the like button, and in the future, you will receive that reaction more often than the other reactions!

Hold down the Like Button, and CHiP's eyes will turn purple, and he'll seek out his bed to have a rest. If he has a bit of trouble getting to his bed, then move him a bit closer, and he'll be fine.

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The Exclamation Mark

Pressing the exclamation mark is like ordering CHiP to get ready for a command. It's almost like he's being forced to recognize your voice, only you don't have to say, "Hey Chip", before he will acknowledge you. Then you can go directly to an order, such as SIT DOWN.

Okay, when you press and hold down the exclamation mark, it puts CHiP into soccer mode. His favorite position is GOALIE. CHiP's eyes tell all. First they will turn yellow, then he's getting ready. Once they go back to being yellow, it means he's ready to play. So, roll the ball at him. He will attempt to save the ball, and then send it back to you, so you can try your luck again! However, if you want to continue playing with him, make sure his eyes return to yellow, before you roll that ball at him.
The CHiP Head

Watch how well he can dance, when you tap this button!

You want to play fetch with CHiP, then press and hold the CHIP icon. When his eyes are yellow, it means he's ready to play. Roll the ball to get him going. He will chase down the ball, his eyes will turn teal, and he'll bring it back. If there's a lack of action from him, then it's most likely because he can't sense the ball. In that case, just move the ball a bit, so he can pick up the sensor, and continue on.

So, this sums up the Wowwee Smartband Features. Hopefully, you can see that there’s a lot more to this robotic dog, than what meets the eye.

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